Fulton Hogan

Building Communities

Fulton Hogan builds communities from the ground up. One of Australasia’s largest integrated resources company, Fulton Hogan has expertise and experience in civil engineering, construction, road maintenance and asset management, manufacturing and the application of asphalt, bitumen and specialty products, bulk product transportation, quarrying and precast.

Established over 80 years ago, today Fulton Hogan has over 5,500 employees, including 2000 people in Australia, across 40 locations.


Benefits of using Fulton Hogan as your solution provider

  • Customised solution for optimum effectiveness and use
  • DustBloc is manufactured in all states
  • Quality testing – Fulton Hogan has NATA laboratories for testing of the product
  • DustBloc is transported to sites using Fulton Hogan national road tanker fleet
  • In-house technical support and training
  • Experience and expertise in procuring, installing and commissioning the relevant storage and dispensing infrastructure (as required)
  • Experience in applying DustBloc, maintenance grading and road asset management
  • In-house Environment and OH&S professionals (if required)
  • Provide storage solutions
  • Provide telemetry systems with website reports on actual use and ordering
  • Provide dust monitoring systems tied-into the telemetry reporting system.

Where is DustBloc manufactured?

DustBloc is manufactured and distributed at Fulton Hogan emulsion facilities around the country. The DustBloc special additives are produced in Queensland.

Quality testing

Each manufacturing site has quality control processes and testing to ensure that the product meets specification.

To support Fulton Hogan’s manufacturing operations the company has a number of NATA testing laboratories in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Fulton Hogan – research & development