How it works

Bitumen emulsions have long been used in road stabilisation, however the additives in DustBloc allow the emulsion to be more readily absorbed into the road surface. As DustBloc is applied, the microspheres of active ingredient bind the fine dust particles within the surface of the haul road. This has three impacts:

  • The individual particles are too heavy to become airborne, minimising dust emissions
  • The road surface is held together more densely, reducing maintenance requirements
  • The road surface is hydrophobic, reducing the damage caused by significant rain events.

DustBloc may be used, depending on the desired results, as a realtive concentrate, or is diluted at ratios of 1:100 (1 Part DustBloc to 100 parts water). As a heavily diluted product, DustBloc penetrates the road surface, allowing treatment to occur without road closure.

Over time the bitumen contained in DustBloc builds up within the road, this means the frequency of applications can be reduced and the road benefits from the resistance to water ingress provided by the bitumen. This results in a reduction in grading maintenance of up to 65%.

DustBloc Safety Data Sheet – Click here to download