Productivity & Commercial Benefits

DustBloc not only works as a dust suppressant, but overtime will waterproof the road and help keep its shape.

This means:

  • Reduced road maintenance. By using DustBloc overtime, road grading can be reduced by up to 65%
  • Reduce potholes or road deterioration, which allows more consistent travel speeds can be maintained on roads
  • Reduce road closures – a more stabilised road that keeps shape will allow vehicles back on roads quicker.
  • Reduce tyre-wear by providing an improved running surface
  • Reduce water cart traffic and utilise these resources for other activities. Typically, one application of DustBloc per shift will be effective
  • Utilise own equipment and resources. DustBloc is simple to set-up, uses water carts and can be applied by your own people.

Main difference compared to other dust suppressants:

  • DustBloc’s dust suppression capabilities are effective immediately, and the on-going road stabilisation properties build over time.
  • DustBloc does not wash out during a significant weather event, it will reduce the down time caused by excessively wet roads.