Safety Benefits

DustBloc results in a significant reduction in airborne dust. This provides safety benefits including lowering the risk of vehicle collision through increased visibility. A reduction in airborne particles also reduces the risk of respiratory issues for employees and neighbouring communities.

Because roads treated with DustBloc require less water to control dust, the road surface proves less slippery and much safer for vehicles.

  • Enhance safety and visibility on haul roads by minimising fugitive dust
  • Minimise uncontrolled movements and slips on haul roads through minimal use of water
  • Minimise the effects of dust recontamination caused by daily operations
  • Minimise staff and neighbouring communities exposure to respirable dust.

Main difference compared to other dust suppressants:

  • Less airborne dust
  • Waterproofs the road
    • Less degradation of road and decreases the potential for potholes – reduces risks of accident
    • No need to reapply after rain.
  • DustBloc lasts longer
    • As bitumen, not water, is the binder, DustBloc continues to be effective long after the water has evaporated
    • Significant reduction in road watering means less water cart traffic
    • Non-sticky or slick, providing safer road conditions.
  • A Non-hazardous product used at ambient temperature.