Case Study

Safety and a reduction in maintenance was the drive behind using DustBloc… but it also helped with faster times for the racers!

Client: Gawler BMX Club

Value: 200 Litres of DustBloc

Location: Gawler, South Australia

Date: February 2012


The use of DustBloc on our track surface for the South Australian 2015 BMX State Championships greatly reduced our water consumption and surface maintenance that would normally be required for an event of this size, where track erosion is increased significantly over normal club racing. We found DustBloc easy to apply and very cost effective compared to other products currently available for this application.

Moving forward from the State Championships, we have greatly reduced our race day maintenance and have found significantly less problems with dry weather track erosion or water damage caused by excessive rainfall. Our track surface is still compact with most riders experiencing fast lap times and safer racing due to increased grip levels.

Gawler BMX Club were impressed with Dustlbloc and would recommend this product for a hard wearing, dust free surface. Our club looks forward to an ongoing association with Fulton Hogan and their DustBloc product.

Grant Robinson, Board Member on behalf of Gawler BMX Club

Above Image: Before – a regular rubble track prone to dust and rapid deterioration. Water was sprayed for dust control..

Gawler BMX Image 2

Above Image: After – The DustBloc treated track produced significantly less dust while providing longer intervals between maintenance.

Project Description

Gawler, the country town located 40km north of Adelaide, is passionate about BMX racing. The Gawler BMX club is run by volunteers and this year hosted the SA state championship. The event is held over five days and a typical race day would have 90 to 120 races on 300 metres of dirt track. It is important that the track is well maintained so that it is safe for the racers, but also enables the racers to perform at their best.


In the past, volunteers used water to dampen the track in order to reduce the dust and would hand rake the surface for smoothness and to correct the shape. This had to be done before racing could commence for the day and regularly during racing as track conditions changed, requiring numerous volunteers. This took considerable time and effort on the part of the volunteers and was also costly as hundreds of litres of water were used.

The challenge was to reduce maintenance time and water consumption whilst ensuring the integrity and safety of the track for each Moto – no dust, no rutting, tight and non-slippery surface and conducive to good racing times. The solution had to be safe, easy to use and to keep costs down by utilising the BMX club’s own resources as much as possible.


A review of the track by Fulton Hogan revealed that it was made up of various imported granular materials from many sources, i.e. different types of rubble, sand, soil and clays. The challenge was to find a product that would work on all the various materials. The different options considered were:

  • Water via the clubs water cart (status-quo)
  • Completely build a new surface with premium grade imported material
  • Use DustBloc to treat the track.


The water solution would be costly, labour intensive and the quality is not ideal. A new granular surface would be expensive and potentially unnecessary, especially when there was enough granular material already present on the track. The Fulton Hogan representative was confident that DustBloc would be ideal to treat the current track material based on proven experience and knowledge from other jobs.

Due to the small-size of the track, ten x 20 Litre drums of DustBloc were used, mixed at one drum per 1000L of water in the club’s own water cart. No mixing was required as DustBloc naturally disperses itself in water.

DustBloc was sprayed onto the track several times over a period of three to four weeks allowing it to build up in the rubble base. After each application, the track was rolled in order to maintain good shape and compaction. The night before the State championships, one last spray of DustBloc was applied.

No more DustBloc or shaping was required during the races or following the completion of the State championship. In fact, many racers achieved their personal best times, partly due to the excellent track.



  • Minimal maintenance was required during the races or after the State championship’s finished
  • Race track kept its shape, no rutting and was a smooth/tight ride
  • Dust-free
  • Fast track
  • No special equipment required.


  • Easy to use
  • Racers had a safe and non-slippery track.


  • Significantly reduced the amount of water required.