Case Study

Windblown dust and water run-off were sensitive environmental issues due to the location in Botany Bay and the close proximity to a major runway at Sydney airport.

Client: Sydney Ports Corporation Port Botany
Value: 300,000 Litres 40 Hectares
Location: Port Botany, NSW
Date: 2009 – 2012

Above Image: The effect of one application of DustBloc® applied to assist with wind erosion on dredged sand lasts up to 6 months.

Project Description

A new area of Port Botany was constructed from dredged sand, with a view to produce a container terminal. During the construction phase, windblown sand was a major environmental and safety concern especially being so close to a major runway of the Sydney airport. Furthermore, there were public complaints (including residents) raised about the dust situation. Sydney ports were looking for a solution.


The entire area was made up of deep and very loose dredged sand which produced large quantities of dust and sand particles carried by strong winds at the Port.


Sydney Ports had trialed other dust suppression agents (i.e. surfactants) with no success.


DustBloc was applied once at a 1:20 (1 part DustBloc to 20 parts water) dilution at one litre per m2. The site was sprayed several times between 2009 and 2012. This process formed a protective layer stopping all windblown dust and sand particles.


Quality, Safety, Environment

The treatment held sand and dust particles for periods lasting up to 6 months. Once DustBloc was applied, there were no further complaints from the public or the Sydney airport.

Above Image: Work in progress – The darker section has been freshly sprayed with DustBloc, the lighter sections are about to be re-sprayed after 6 months.