Frequently Asked Questions

Will it affect my water truck?

No. Customers using DustBloc for over 9 years have experienced no impact to their water trucks.

Will it make my roads more slippery?

No. DustBloc is no more slippery than water and as you need to apply it less often, your roads are wet less frequently.

How long does an application of DustBloc last?

Unlike water, DustBloc doesn’t evaporate and remains effective much longer. Initially we recommend applications of twice a day at a busy mine site.

Does DustBloc require any mixing / agitation during spraying?

No. DustBloc mixes in water without agitation.

Are there any other restrictions to the handling of DustBloc that need to be considered?

No. DustBloc will mix with any type of water from salt to brackish dam water. It is stable in storage and transport.

Are there any environmental approvals or permits required for DustBloc use on-site?

There are no direct requirements upon a user of DustBloc to gain any environmental approvals, licences or permits for its use on-site. As long as the use of DustBloc is undertaken in a safe, competent and environmentally sound manner, the product can be used without restriction to manage dust on-site.

How much does it cost?

Apart from the product cost, there are a number of savings associated with the use of DustBloc. Talk to your account manager to review all additional savings.

Can I still grade my roads?

Yes and the product is not lost. The DustBloc treated material is regraded back into the road, which helps to maintain shape and waterproofing.

Will using DustBloc reduce the need for grading?

Yes. By using DustBloc, grading is typically reduced by 2/3rds.

Does it cause potholes?

No. Due to the hydrophobic (waterproofing) nature of DustBloc the integrity of the pavement surface is maintained.

Is training required?

Yes. Training is provided by Fulton Hogan as part of a toolbox session.

Is DustBloc Australian made?

Yes. DustBloc is locally produced in each State.

How long is the lead time when ordering DustBloc?

We can manage your inventory so you never run out. Bulk deliveries are normally within one week for remote areas.