DustBloc is ordered through your Fulton Hogan representative.

Fulton Hogan can supply a telemetry system that monitors your stock levels and alerts you when you need to re-order.

DustBloc is manufactured at our emulsion blending facilities across Australia, then transported to site by Fulton Hogan Transport. Alternatively, for smaller volumes, an external courier may be used.


Fulton Hogan has its own modern national tanker fleet for transporting bitumen and specialty products across Australia. The fleet comprises of some 40 road tankers on the east coast that are used to transporting product to remote locations.

Our transport department will load, cart and deliver DustBloc in especially designed tankers.

Drivers are trained on how to handle the product and are fully compliant with all relevant state / site OH&S and environmental requirements.

All trucks are fitted with GPS tracking systems which allow for real time location and estimated time of arrival information.

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