Set-up for DustBloc is dependent on your situation and Fulton Hogan will work with you to incorporate as much of your own equipment as possible to reduce costs. The set-up may be as simple as a DustBloc delivery in a 1000 litres IBC container; or a full solution which includes reporting on use and monitoring dust.

We work with you to ensure that the equipment is set-up so that product quality is maintained and correct dosage rates are applied.

Water Source

DustBloc can be added to any water on site, including salt or brackish water.

Storage tank

Several options are available depending on your needs. A suitably sized tank will be supplied dependant upon expected volumes and location.

Hose & pump equipment

Specialised pumps can be installed to pump DustBloc from the tank to the water cart. These pumps are automated to pump and flush to the specific DustBloc dosing ratio. A remote control can be configured to each water cart to dispense the correct amount of DustBloc to the water cart according to the required dilution ratio and water cart volume.

At the time of installation your Fulton Hogan Representative will train your user on how to run, maintain and adjust the pump settings.

Water truck

You can use your own existing water trucks and cart. There are no special requirements.
As an option, GPS & telemetry can be added to monitor where & how much DustBloc is being sprayed.