DustBloc is stored at ambient temperatures, and has a consistency similar to water, and therefore standard storage facilities can generally be used.

Depending on your requirements, there are a number of storage solutions that are available, from 1000L IBCs through to 90,000L tanks. Your Fulton Hogan sales representative will work with you to determine the storage solution that is right for each site.

As DustBloc is a non-hazardous product, it is safe to handle, however Fulton Hogan recommend that good fluid handling practices be engaged to minimise product wastage. Often organisation standards will be higher than those recommended.


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Additional peace of mind – Vendor Managed Inventory option

Many of our customers use a telemetry fill-level system, which enables Fulton Hogan to manage the stock levels remotely. When the tank levels reaches a predetermined level, the system notifies designated personnel.