DustBloc is commonly used as a dust suppressant on mine sites throughout Australia and around the world. In Australia, mines are often located in arid regions, with heavy mobile plant and constant earth movements leading to significant issues with airborne dust.

Dusty haul roads are not only an environmental concern, they are hazardous due to poor visibility and respiratory health issues. Whilst spraying water will help, it needs to be done constantly to be effective. Over-wetting of haul roads can lead to uncontrolled asset/vehicle movements and deterioration of the road surface.

As the active ingredient in DustBloc is bitumen, it remains effective long after the water has evaporated. This means that DustBloc reduces the need to constantly spray water, reducing this activity to one or two treatments per day. This saves up to 90% of water usage and reduces the number of water cart hours, and frees up labour to focus on production tasks. In addition to being an effective dust control, DustBloc also improves the surface condition which reduces haul road maintenance and the need for grading by up to 65%. The improved surface condition also improves run times, asset maintenance costs and tyre wear and haul road resistance to extreme weather events.

Mining Case Study:

Haul Road using seawater